Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nerium - the fountain of youth!

I am writing this blog post so I can share something important with all my sexy, stylish friends!  As you know, things start to change after 40. The wrinkles start showing, age spots appear out of nowhere and we start noticing the drooping of eyelids and jowls. I realize that I have been blessed with pretty good skin (at least on my face) since you all have been nice enough to point it out to me over the last couple years. Thank you by the way! But even I cannot deny the forehead wrinkles and lines around my eyes. I also have freckles that are getting larger and turning into the dreaded “age spots”! I have already had one scare with melanoma on my face (lip) and to top it off, since I have suffered from eczema for decades, and I now have the hands of an old woman!

Recently I have been hearing more and more of my girlfriends talking about laser peels, Botox and other potential surgeries that are being considered to battle this aging process. I hear all this and I begin to wonder if I too need to start saving for these procedures? Most of you know how frugal I can be about skin care… I don’t spend a lot of money on cosmetics, skin care or anti-aging. I am pretty much a gal who still uses Cover Girl, washes my face with water, and the only real skin care product I use daily is my Mary Kay moisturizer! (Even my Mary Kay rep can’t make any money off me because I only use the lotion, nothing else, LOL!) Never then less, I can’t help but pay attention to the daily Groupons that come my way for hydra facials, laser peels, Botox and cosmetic surgery – and I see the prices and gasp! So expensive – even with a Groupon!

About a month after my first “free” hydra facial (where I was consulted that I’d need many more visits to get my face/skin into shape) I got an email from my dear friend Debbie (who most of you have met) asking if I had heard about a new skincare product called Nerium. I got the email at work and was pretty busy so I didn’t pay much attention to it. However, it came from a close friend who typically does not spam out beauty care secrets. So it made me take notice of the email, but still my usual response was “no, I don’t need that…” Soon after, that same friend sent her own before and after pictures having used the product for just 2 weeks. I couldn’t believe how amazing she looked. Now this friend is in her early 50’s so a little older than me, and she had the typical amount of wrinkles that anyone that age has. The 2-week results pictures showed much shallower wrinkles for sure and a definite tightened up chin line. But what I really noticed was how her skin tone had evened out so much. The last couple times I had seen her I had noticed the red rosacea patches growing on her cheeks, and the freckles on her chest were getting larger. So these pictures showed a complete transformation there! Glowing, pink skin on her cheeks, and even skin on her chest. So I called her and said “what the hell are you using and could it help me with my growing freckles and eczema?!”

Debbie told me about this night cream that she was using called Nerium. She sent me emails and more before/after photos of all her friends who were now using it. I have met most of these women before so I couldn’t believe the differences. It’s like they all went to some fountain of youth! Now I am pretty skeptical by nature and Debbie knows this. She simply said, give it a try and see what you think. There is nothing to lose.

The product is a 100% natural, organically grown botanical extract that was originally used to heal skin cancer. Doctors found that not only was the skin cancer healing incredibly quickly, but the skin around it was healing too. They did more studies and found that this plant extract was healing and rejuvenating the skin cells from the inside out and that it was eliminating fine lines, deep lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, acne, rosacea, psoriasis’, and a host of other skin issues. They decided to patent the product and eight months ago started a company using just this one product. It is taking the skin care and anti-aging market by storm because NO OTHER product can come close to doing what this one does. Though the timeframe is a little different for everyone, EVERYONE gets results and most people get them fast! Debbie didn’t think she was seeing results after the first week, but then went back and looked at her “before” photos and started crying! The change was definitely noticeable! So I bought some and have been using it for a week now myself.

The best part about this lotion is that it is so easy to use! The routine is simple. All you do is wash your face at night and while your skin is still damp you rub it on. The next morning you wash your face and use your regular products and then go on with your day. That’s it! It’s just one product and it’s that easy. So you can still use the cleansers, day moisturizers and potions that you already own and use regularly.

Debbie had a party last weekend with all her girlfriends and she invited me to come so I could see her friends that were using the product and hear their stories. It was truly amazing to see all their before/after photos and hear how the product has literally saved them thousands of dollars in fillers, face lifts, and other crazy anti-aging potions. Every single one of them was glowing and beaming with confidence and beauty.  With all the results from Debbie and her friends, I decided to become a distributor (known as a “Brand Partner”). I’ve spent hours on the website and talking to other brand partners and I’m just astounded by the integrity and the commitment this company has. Their vision is not only to help people look and feel better, but to succeed in business and in their lives. The company was only started 9 months ago and it has already been named by Forbes as the fastest growing company in the US. The prediction is that it will become a billion dollar company in the next year, and they haven’t even officially launched the product yet!! It’s just one product and the stuff is THAT good. After trying the product and doing my homework on the company I knew that I didn’t want to be sitting around with a bunch of friends a few months from now with them all talking about their success with Nerium and wishing that I had taken advantage of this opportunity, so I decided to become a distributor!!

Here is my personal Nerium web site that has a great video on it about the product.

I’m telling you, this stuff is amazing! Most of you know that I would never share something with my friends and family that I didn’t believe 100% in, so trust me when I tell you that this product will blow you away. I’m not trying to rope you into anything…I just can’t wait to share this with every single person I know because the results are so incredible and I believe in this company so strongly that I just have to let you in on it! Not that any of you need anti-aging… but I know you all want to be as stylish and fabulous as possible. This product eliminates the need for fillers and botox and other expensive skin things that cost a fortune. They have a 100% money back guarantee and if you don’t get results…no questions asked. So far no one has returned their product because they are all getting phenomenal results and the company reports a less than one tenth of one percent return rate!

If you decide that you would like to purchase the product, you can do so right on my Nerium web site. Just go to where it says “purchase” and you can sign up to be a customer. You can save $30 a month by signing up for the “preferred customer”. If you want to know more before you order it, call me (206) 351-4194, or email me and I will try to answer all of your questions. If you decide after using it that you want to get into the business like I did, I can help you with that too. Also, if you begin using it and you have three friends that want to use it (and believe me, you will once you start using it) you can get your product free!

If you are interested in more info, please feel free to email me at  Thanks!

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