Friday, May 18, 2012

Spring Organizing Tips

Spring has sprung, it's time to get organized!

1. Open the windows and blinds! Let the full daylight in so you can enjoy spring. On the practical side, this not only helps you see your space but you can see it with renewed eyes. And let’s be honest, we’re going to kick up a little dust, you know? We’re going to need some fresh air to get rid of dust and cleaning fumes.

2. Tackle one room at a time! This helps you to stay focused and avoid getting overwhelmed. If you stumble across items that should be moved into another room, put them in a pile and distribute them toward the end of the project.

3. Start with small, manageable projects. How about that “junk drawer” in the kitchen. You know you have one! Once it’s organized, you’ll feel so inspired, you’ll want to move to a bigger project!

4. Think “seasonal” changes when organizing. Winter vs. summer. If space is an issue, you may need to store winter gear (clothing, sports equipment/toys, and home furnishings) so you have room for the summer gear you are going to be using.

5. Sort, sort, sort. Group similar things together. Like with like. This gives you a great visual of your “stuff” and helps you see what doesn’t belong.

6. Merge, merge, merge. In the closet: Hang similar color clothes together. In the dresser: Pair your socks. In the kitchen: Nest pots and pans with appropriate lids.

7. Purge, purge, purge. Get rid of the duplicates. Get rid of the unmatched pairs or things that don’t fit. Ask your self the question “Do I use it?” Get rid of things that you don’t use, don’t wear, and don’t love. 

8. Remember that organizing doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Please do not run out and purchase costly shelving systems and storage containers before you’ve done the steps I mentioned above. Low cost solutions may already be in your home. For example - Ziplock bags! All sizes. So many uses!!

9. If you do need to purchase organizing product – measure, measure, measure. Do not buy anything until you know it will fit (on the wall, on the shelf, under the sink, behind the door) wherever you need it to go!

10. Last tip… call me! Enlist the help of a Professional Organizer.

Jennifer Dwyer, Professional Organizer
A Logical Mess
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Meditate on this... Baby's First Bath

I stumbed upon this video/article and I had to share it on my Facebook page.  I have already seen comments relating to this video bringing tears to eyes.  I will have to just cut and paste it for you all to check out yourself. So relaxing, so emotional, so cool.

What separates “boring” from “peaceful”?

Arguably it is the magic and beauty of innocence that emerges when we are truly open. Anyone who has practiced sitting meditation for more than a few minutes knows that you have to sit through a lot of “boring” (and sometimes worse) before the peace and magic begins.

This video of a baby’s first bath, on the other hand, cuts straight to the chase!

This video will do in five minutes what takes your meditation two hours.

About the writer:
Kristin Luce is slowly going sane by using her actual life and relationships to wake up. Her quest for truth has led her through a B.A. in Philosophy, an M.A. in Buddhist Psychology, 20 years of retreat practice, certification as a Meditation Instructor, two life-changing relationships and two life-changing kids. A Psychotherapist for 15 years, she now encourages everyone to find their own truth using The Work of Byron Katie—working with individuals and couples in her Boulder and Denver offices and by phone. An avid writer, she has been featured in such publications as Mothering Magazine and The Buddhadharma, among others. Find out more about her on Facebook, Twitter, her website or contact her at